Hampden THUNDER Battle rz Turret 7.7 mm Vickers K machine gun Ammo 2000 Turret 7.7 mm Vickers K machine gun Ammo 500 machine gun Ammo 300 500 LB G.P. Mk.1V bomb Armor Modifications Damaged model preview Disabled Camouflage Standard bicolor night camouflage User skin Disabled Decals Empty, Version shop meme
3 Pin Lower and Flip Six Three Hole Morale Patches $15 In Stock ship Purcnase Protection earn More Message save Introducing the all new lower patch. This is a custom made PVC patch modeled after the famous lower. This patch shows the safe selector and illustrious pin hole. **This is not a functional receiver in any way * Included with the lower patch is the all new Flip Six Three Hole patch and printed plate. This patch was modeled from the official drawings and dimensions. **This is a patch. Using this patch as a template is not advised.** Both patches feature stunning PVC with hook backing. They also include a matching loop panel. to add to your favorite piece of kit memes