B 57A Canberra Jet Bomber Battle rating 77 Rank V is locked. You need to purchase 5 more vehicles of IV rank. 500 lb AN M64A1 bomb Armament Presets 2 Crew 3 Max Speed 901 kmyh at height at sea level Max Altitude 13716 m Turn Time 600s Rate of ClimI 23.0 Takeoff Run 850m Required RP 86,0008 Efficient progress from B 29A BN 110% Price 350,000% Crew train cost 100,000% Free repairs 10 Max repair cost 71,8708 Free repair tim Max vehicle research efficiency IV VI Ranks Reward 380% 1.9. 100% 100% Reward 795% 50% memes
Ed you and se will the So ie who lays uy, sure for himself, and is. ot rich toward God. We have all heard sermon after sermon on the parable of rich fool, always talking about sharing your wealth, always talking about living for moment and being generous, about how God gives you wealth as a steward and how it is your duty to so good with it. So I will not pain you with the same lesson again and again. Instead, if you will, look to the end of the story. God calls the man soul. We are not told the man is sickly, we are not told that he is murdered, simply that God decides it his his time. You could die at any moment. Any breath, any heart beat, any word could be your last, and so always have your soul in order, always be ready to come before the throne of God, shrouded in the sacrifice of Ch
Sanctussupply Brothers, it is far to often that we fall prey to our own vices. Our human weakness often overcomes even our best intentions. We say to ourselves today is the day that I begin my diet  and the next moment we take a bite of pie. Or This is the day I will begin praying the rosary  as we turn on a game. Brothers, is it not right that one should be the master of his own actions Is it not better that our passions be subordinate to our wills Yes indeed And so I say unto you Agere Contra Act against these fallen passions by doing the opposite. The spiritual master St. Ignatius of Loyola gave us this lesson. If one is feeling an inordinate desire for pleasure, seek discomfort. If one has too strong an attachment to wealth, give it away It is better that one departs this life spiritua