Q. how long do most empire last ALL SHOPPING IMAGES NEWS Americans may not think of themselves as an empire, but much of the world does. The average age of empires, according to a specialist on the subject, the late Sir John Bagot Glubb, is 250 years. After that, empires always die, often slowly but overwhelmingly from overreaching in the search for power. Jun 28, 2017 Times Standard The average age of an empire A mere 250 years Times Standard About featured snippets Feedback memes
Do not worry about the Supremes. This was the Prelude to document the Great Steal The Big Show is just beginning. So much has yet to happen Shutdown of POTUS account Shutdown of social media Activation of Emergency Broadcast System Storm is upon us speech China communist infiltration exposed Seth Rich killers exposed Julian Assange released Troops deployed Indictments revealed YOU ARE HERE Arrests initiated Guantanamo activated Tribunals Attack on the White House President in Safety Order restored Satanic cults revealed DUMBS revealed Rescued children revealed Crimes against humanity revealed Collapse of the Cabal Collapse of the parties Collapse of the MSM Collapse of Big Tech Collapse of Big Pharma End of the Depopulation Plan Restoration of the Republic WHO NEEDS Star Wars SEQUELS WHEN
Bruce Willis found himself at the center of much discussion earlier this week after he made news for refusing to wear a mask inside a Los Angeles Rite Aid. According to the initial report, other customers in the store became upset that he wasn't wearing a mask, especially since he had a bandana around his neck that could've been pulled up to calm the situation. Willis was asked to leave the store by an employee after not complying with the mask policy and left without purchasing anything. Willis has not addressed what happened in a new statement to People, which you can find below. Why is Bruce Willis even in a Rite Aid to begin with lol. Sad he's this kind of person. Why is Bruce Willis even in a Rite Aid to begin with lol. Sad he's this kind of person memes
Mmm, i do not know about that one. Do not get me wrong, China is a bad country in general but they produce so much of everyday necessities. Like wearing clothes or shoes. China has a chance to change to rehabilitate it's government and its people with absolute freedom if we pull the right strings. Samuel Jelq m gonna come back to this comment tomorrow and either call you a retard or block you Phwonk Whatever helps you sleep at night. Samuel Jelg Retard Phwonk memes
Sometimes a fruit falls from a tree and rolls so far away from its roots that it's no longer of the tree. The hard fall, and long journey, bruises the fruit so much that it totally changes it. Its the same way for some of our people. This is why some can not be awakened regardless of how much truth you present to them. This journey has totally brainwashed them to such a degree that they're no longer of the oriainal tree. memes