DEVILS OF THE APOCALYPSE. 137 we must seek for any light upon the present question. When we carefully peruse the Apostolic vision, this is the order which we believe may be traced throughout. First there is a devil called the Old Serpent Rev. xii. 9 , the great Dragon Satan, the Devil properly so called, the king of the bottomless pit, the Exterminator. This, in the Apocalypse, is the great red dragon, having seven Fig. 184, wrast WITH SEVEN HEADS, Painting on glass, St, Nizier, Troyes.* heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads, and a tail which drew the third part of the stars of heaven. heaven. This is the chief devil, the master of all those we shall see afterwards pass before us in succession. Satan has two lieutenanis, if we may so say one on the zarth and one on the sea f