Name meme

Tapping my tummy, I have, my name is Daniella. I'm pretty laid back but I STILL demand your respect. You serve me and I serve you. She pulled my shoulders so my head was level with hers. Her lips hovered over my ear as I let out a smol, Eep. You will address me as Master when we're out around the compound but when we're in privacy such as in our quarters, You'll address me as Daniella'. Understood little N I nodded scratching my head against her huge pillow. Y yes Master, I I mean Daniella. She laughed quietly, blowing some air into my nape tickling it, There we go. Good boy. Her hand came over and patted my head, Learning fast already. I smiled almost the darkness, Thank you Master. She rolled onto her back, Lay on top of me right here. She patted her mounds, B but your breasts are right