Name memes

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS An in depth look at the lives of all the people born on this wonderful day, made by me, Bill. 1. R. Kelly Born Rodrigo Kellertson Ill, under the stage name R. Kelly, had a successful hip hop career, and above all, a viral sex crime conviction for pissing on a 14 year old girl. For some reason it's disputed whether his birthday is today or September 14th. I have no idea why 2. Kim Jong Un Supreme leader of the glorious people's republic of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, was born this day in 1974 close enough i dent feel like googling it again. Need i say more an outstanding character. 3. Stephen Hawking Fuck you you ugly piece of shit you contributed nothing to science and im glad you're dead. 4. David Bowie Not bad for a british guy. Although I do not much fancy his music, I w