Anonymous ID No.29923008 If masks work. Why vaccine. If vaccine works why do we still have to wear masks Why do those that are naturally immune have to still wear mask or get vaccine Why did the CDC change the defintion of herd immunity from everyone gets it and developed natural immunity to once enough are 78 KB JPG vaccinated if it's not mandatory why are there already so mandates. if masks are already mandatory in public. How are so many still getting it 78 KB JPG meme
CM 84 is one of the most iconic fossils from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation. Casts of this Diplodocus can be seen all over the world. The original fossils of Dippy the Diplodocus are at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. The original fossils of Dippy the Diplodocus are at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh memes
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THE FIVE RACES OF FRANCE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE The Native Gaul Most common race of France Short and ruddy Likes wine and cheese Servile instinct makes him loyal to the Frank Good intentions but low IQ The Roman Descendant  Swarthy and arrogant Beak nosed Only kept in check by the Frank Illiterate, barely human level IQ Napoleon was the first and last good member of their race The Basque Caveman Communicates only in grunts and hooting Likes throwing rocks at foreigners Angry at the world Inhabits caves in the Pyrenees and bombed out gas station ruins The New French Charming Adaptable Very well endowed Won the World Cup Will soon replace the native Gaul as the most common race The Frank Objectively superior mix of German, Celt and Latin High IQ makes them the natural eli