Is this Ronald Trammell Affirmative I'm the local Navy recruiter. My name is Petty Officer Gardiner. I am reaching out to see if you would like to get some information about the Navy. We have some pretty great signing bonus's right now, up to What the fuck memes
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Pentagon UFO ww  and  The Pentagon UFO are selected visual recordings of cockpit instrumentation displays from United States Navy fighter jets based aboard aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2014 and 2015. The three grainy, black and white , widely characterized as officially documenting UFOs, were the subject of extensive coverage in the media in 2017. The Pentagon later addressed and officially released the in 2020 13 years after the first of the were leaked to the public in 2007. memes
I think the dems are in for a rough wake up call if they think they could ever turn American soldiers on the people. The only reason this works in foreign countries is because their militaries were created originally to serve They were founded under individuals. The American military was made for the purpose of defending the country, not the President, not the Congress, not businesses, not even the military itself. It was created and still exists solely to defend the people from threats and to ensure that the freedom of American people is not compromised BY ANYONE OR ANYTHING. I have faith that the men and women who took the oath to defend their country will remember this when they need to most. Long live the stars and stripes memes
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US, UK Sign Agreement to Merge Forces for Historic Joint Carrier Deployment. UK dumped tons of $ into building 2 new supercarriers, but didn't have enough to build enough escort ships for them, so now the UK Navy is effectively part of the US Navy. US, UK Sign Agreement to Merge Forces for Historic Joint Carrier Deployment 21 Jan 21 Twitter Webb App td Pink Lemonade UncleDam Replying to PALE Primate and HarmlessYardDog Lazy writing. The single Air Supercarrier is called Air Strip One , in the book 1984 Air Strip One was stationed in the UK. Yes, the US and UK were under the same command memes
US Navy Has UFO Patents It Says Will Engineer the Fabric ON 04 of FEB Reality 2021 ON 04 FEB 2021 SHARE PA Century Television The US Navy has mysterious UFO patents said to be capable of engineering the fabric of reality at the most fundamental level'. Over the past year, federal authorities have been relatively forthcoming with UFO data, sharing three declassified and thousands of other documents, readily available to download by anyone across the world memes
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Good Afternoon, lam a recruiter with the Navy out of Greenfield. I have been reaching out to people in the area about the Opportunities and Advantages the Navy can offer you. Sorry I smoke crack I do not intencl to stop either Alright enjoy memes
There is a conspiracy that 36 armed dolphins trained by the US Navy to kill terrorists have been missing since 2005. The dolphins carry toxic dart guns capable of killing a human with a single shot. The US Navy supposedly have admitted that they have been training dolphins for military purposes, but have refused to confirm that any are missing memes