A Lovable Little Creature In land not far away Lived a lovable little creature That had such cute eyes Which didn't seem to fit its size. Adored by all who ever saw it With fascinating fur famous for its special smooth silky softness. Truly it was a lovable little creature Without a single despicable feature. Then one day there came a man That pointed out it has no mouth Suddenly, its thoughts he could understand He put his hands on his ears as if hearing shouts His eyes widened and skin glistened with sweat Then began gasping as if starved of breath. He opened his mouth to speak, but His legs went weak and he dropped to his knees His face turned white as he picked the creature up and quickly snapped its neck memes
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Body Fat Calculator Anyone know any app or site that calculates body fat by measuring height, weight, wrist, hips, waist, forearm, chest, neck, etc  Anyone know any app or site that calculates body fat by measuring height, weight, wrist, hips, waist, forearm, chest, neck, etc memes