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64 A.D. Emperor Nero Christians You will be sentenced to will die as a martyr for death tor and fed to worshiping God. the glory of God. for worshiping God. 2020 A.D. Gavin Newsom Christians You can not go to church or you Okay, thank you for will get a $5,000 fine. keeping me safe memes
How to make a breakfast taco what you will need chorizo egg I like a brown egg cheese I prefer cheddar but whateber you like tortillas pepper tabasco sauce some people like habanero cause it is hotter skillet I usually put the skillet on medium, heat it up, and put in half a link of chorizo about 3 inches chup up the chorizo and let it fry until it turns brown. Stir in the pepper and tobasco. Do not char the chorizo. As it falls apart into tiny chunks it will brown real fast, about a minute. As soon as it is brown, crack the egg and scramble it in with the chorizo real quick. Keep stirring as it cooks and it should be done in a bout a minute. You should have warmed up the tortillas corn or flour This amount of food will make 2 tacos. Just pour the stuff onto the tortilla and add shredded