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Frat appearance was The Sinkes He appear In the Wars Further Info Those of you who have suffered through the Holiday Special will be familiar with, Fett's appearance in the animated short The Story of the Faithful Wookiee. In the story, Luke arid Han come in contact with an artifact contaminated by an Imperial made sleeping virus. Fett offers to help find the serum for the virus in a nearby city and is accompanied by Chewbacca. In the city, Fett instructs joba Fettinthe Holiday. Chewbacca to lie low while he gets the serum however, Fett takes this time to Special with Paar's contact Darth Vader. His transmission is captured by R2 D2 who tells Han and Luke about Fett's deception after he returns with the Serum. Fett promptly leaves saying, we'll meet again, friend. Although the Holiday Spec