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They were stating what seemed like common sense. In the current day and age, minorities get a big boost in opportunity. Even if she was a straight A student, it would be much harder for a white girl to get accepted into 50 schools Espartanica Oh nooo we gives some black people opportunities to get into college easier. It's almost like people feel bad for inslaving black people for hundreds of years klongstroke Gay You can not write this shit, folks. skin People color these days believe we we can not deserve. be seen as equals, that skin color defines what we deserve.  You can not write this shit, folks. People these days believe we can not be seen as equals, that skin color defines what we deserve meme
Damn bro, how dare people be safe on the road considering more people are killed in car accidents than guns every year. Fuck people who want to make it home to their family in one piece. Fucking retards allofthememes Noooo you do not understand, I'll die if I'm going 75 instead of 70 when the limit is 75  Noooo you don't understand, I'll die if I'm going 75 instead of 70 when the limit is 75
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