The Indonesian Catholic village of Lamalera is known for it's unique way of hunting whale sharks, manta rays and whales by jump spearing In the 1980s They were given a whale catcher and a Norwegian whaler but the plan was a failure as they caught too many to store So the UN officially certified that their way of hunting was perfect for their culture and community.  So the UN officially certified that their way of hunting was perfect for their culture and community meme
Rhino You are a white supremacist openly lying about two POC because of something you read in Wikileaks 24 Pepys's Jarlesburg Using is a white supremacist give away. We get it, sir, you think you're descended from uber white Vikings. 272 T264 23 Gyvind Steensen is a letter in the Norwegian alphabet and the first letter in my name. 22 58 1,922 memes
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Telenor BG PM Main portfolio N Updated 2021 01 08 Market Value 542,069.08 Daily $435.05 1.05% Open $18,462.66 77.66% Summary Daily Open Royal Caribbean Cruises $2,644,37 NYSE I RCL 54.83% BUY 101 47.75 Norwegian Cruise Line $6,222 NYSE I NCLH 84.84% BUY 546.32 13.42 Slack $78.42 NYSE I WORK 44.81% BUY 6 29.17 NVIDIA $662.12 NASDAQ I NVDA 45.11% BUY 4 366.95 Nano Dimension $1,665.31 NASDAQ I NNDM 103.81 % BUY 355 4.519 Start Trading I AD 76.4%. of retail CFD accounts lese money meme