Little Bitch Report Form Name Date of butthurt Choose from the following reasons why you Using the are being a little bitch Hest an argument My opinion was wrong oO found and something couldn't move offensive on online and couldn't move on have no sense of humour No one will let me suck their dick Someone was rude back to me I have nothing better to do Do you require medical assistance  tissues Neo On a scale of 1  10 1 being mild anal itching and 10 being crippling agony how much does your butthurt hurt Have you ever considered not being a little biteh Fucking Miserable Shiteunts Using the diagram, indicate exactly where the internet bad touched you Yes  No 1283456789 10 Yes  No Use this section to provide any extra information you think relevant use separate sheet If necessary meme

HAND OVER YOUR GUN have a right lo bear arms. THE STATE YOU HAVE NO NEED FOR GUNS. have a right to bear arms. GUNS ARE BAD. I have a right to bear arms. NOT ANYMORE. have a right to bear arms, as a last resort, to protect myself against tyranny. TYRANNY YOU'RE INSANE, ARMED AND DANGEROUS HAND OVER YOUR GUN OR WILL SHOOT memes

Unbanned try not to get banned again Hey MatPat, here's a idea for you. Make a theory as to why wanna raw dog your wife on god dude holy shit I'm down bad  Hey MatPat, here's a idea for you. Make a theory as to why I wanna raw dog your wife on god dude holy shit I'm down bad memes

7fh5.ir7jhr1 Now do not click or google, it gives them all of your info such as bank cards, ip address, phone number, gmail, anything you put in. ThisDickGotOutOfPrison. whats his issue with me luckily in a mechanic and when he gets his oil changed in a few months will tape a quarter to his driveshaft and a condom to his exhaust tube. not the muffler, the tube. after a half hour of driving it will make a bang then when he checks it he will see a broken condom and remember his child Imfao. then the fucker will drive around a few months with the whole car feeling like its about to shake off the frame. but when he gets it serviced again ill be sure to take a sick day while one of my coworkers tells him he has bad friends. no crimes commited and he will be thinking of one of his friends instea

The fact the Black Mamba is the most deadly snake in the world continues to be hilarious to me you think you know what an incredibly venomous snake looks like wrong it's this bitch Follow are you seriously telling me it's not even black Follow dragon in a fez The inside of their mouth is black and shaped like a coffin when open, which makes it very goth and cool, but otherwise they do look like very bland noodles lol biggest gaudiest patronuses COFFIN WHAT NOW Yooooo THIS SNAKE IS LITERALLY BULLYING ME INTO LAUGHING AT THEIR JOKES people have pointed out that the belly scales on both pics look like bad game rendering BP i am a boi Follow okay but have you seen the Blunt Headed tree snake  cause that one is even funnier is it is a spaghetti noodle with a head camazotz Follow Do you guys kno

Insomniac arrest Follow think a lot about that Fruits Basket story where the onigiri rice ball thinks its plain and bad with nothing special about it but everyone else actually admires it because of the delicious plum on its back that it can not see anyway, I'm going on a second date with a girl soon and couldn't help but think Why would she want to keep going out with me I'm like, so weird and a little crazy. but then I remembered that there is also a plum on my back that I can not see and that people often like others for reasons we do not recognize in ourselves. Be kind to yourself. There's always something good about someone however little we remember it. Follow can not believe it took me this long to realize that the reason ppl like me is because of my fat juicy ass memes


Tawm Bwady No.12919986 12920007 12920024 12920031 12920060 12920090 12920098 12920257 33 KB, 800x600 iadb regex View same on foolz View same on foolz View same on installgentoo k Bachelor of Arts Majored in art history Happily work with my hands doing camp maintenance fucking hated everyone in my department. To this day, symbolism as a concept just PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. No, your badly painted vagina does NOT represent the plight of middle eastem dirt farmers. Just shut the fuck up. It represents fucking VAGINA. That's it. And not even well Pic related. I spend DAYS in the sculpture hall, hand carving a whole fucking TREE into a goddam dragon. Every fucking scale chiseled by hand Iran out of time, thus the unfinished tail. Come the senior exit gallery, what is my painstaking labor display

You can really tell when someone thinks preferring sub instead of dub is some kind of intellectual status symbol when they say AoT's dub is bad. AoT literally has one of the best dub ever but fat losers still say it's shit and do not even explain why they just wanna feel special meme

Fri 1 No.844269512 me Decide to take acid to watch specific movies Get entertainment ready, GREAT Get munchies, GREAT Get acid, GREAT sTake acid, hare we go, EXCITED Start first movie, start tripping, GREAT sMovie stop, player software cormupt, need to reinstall, FUCK oasturbete, out of body experience when I cum, secing sters type of shit, GREAT Reinstall finished oFinish movie, start sacond movie Computer restarts this hardly ever happens, need to walt, NOT HAPPY Computer reboots, continue watching movie Bad stomach ache, need to teke a shit bad think shitting my guts out, think gaiing to die, had to fight to maintain control of the trip, HORRIFIC FUCK IT, masturbate again, GREAT out not as intense Continue watching movie Computer restarts again, have to watt, PISSED OFFY Computer reboot

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