THE FIVE RACES OF AMERICA KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE The Native WASP Likes to grill Loves his neighbor Good intentions but abysmal IQ. Starting to get tired Lizard distracts him with red hats and pillow salesmen so he doesn't start a civil war The Big City Diaspora talian or Irish surname Inherently violent and greedy Somehow managed to get 2 presidents in male feminist or racist cop BADDA BING The New American Charming Great at landscaping Barely speaks English Will replace the WASP as the most common race in like 20 years Distrusts the Lizard Will either become a mobster, The Basketball American Has developed its own, untranslatable language Had a higher IQ than the WASP before getting into crack Dislikes gays and Mexicans, votes blue for the gibs Inhabits the Mississippi
Capricorn to Alias The Seagoat Today Tomorrow Weekly Friday Jan 8 Y ou may about have it certain in your mind venture or that if process you in do not very go about a certain venture or process in a very specific way, then it won't work. You may have thought about this for so long that it has become ingrained in you, and you no longer look for an alternative path. However, Capricorn, an optional and perhaps better path might start to appear. Do not dismiss it simply because it does not match what you are expecting. This could be the answer you need to a question you didn't know you needed to ask Friday January 2021 Friday January 8th 2021 memes
The Navodchik in NY I WA Iit Active  Once d fi fire in NY ility  Ac ive  Once a day, fire a Chances of finding wt mai and equip Threat High To do hood to do hood shit, that the mas from is the Got the,Gustov at his old army Qutpost, now abandoned Somehow got kill with backblst  You good Despite the russian fame of why he is actualy Arn Canituutalize red Was the meme
SEMPER FUR How a Cooling Vest Invented by a Furry Made Its Way Into the US. Military Blake Montgomery Updat 19 ET 0.19 ET So after 14 years, I finally left the military. Sadly, my ETS date correlated with inspections and i never got a send off. My unit didn't want that though so they had me come back for a plaque. ama civilian now so I couldn't wear my uniform. What to wear  FursuitFriday Photo Illustration by The Daily Courtesy Travis Can you imagine being a soldier and seeing this shit I think you'd like be allowed to go AWOL  Can you imagine being a soldier and seeing this shit I think you'd like be allowed to go AWOL meme
Here is what we know about the Republican party as constituted today e A Republican president incited the January 6 insurrection. This Republican president continues to poison our politics by lying about the results of the 2020 election. e Roughly half of this party's Congressional delegation voted last night even after the attack on the overturn a free and fair election. There is no reasonable way to conclude that the Republican party, as currently configured, is not substantially in favor of authoritarianism memes