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AN UNOFFICIAL TROOPER'S GUIDE TO SURVIVAL NEVER MAKE A SHOT The more shots you make, the more dangerous missions you get sent on. Looking bad keeps you ALIVE NEVER GET BACK UP Your armor can take one shot only Any more, you're DEAD. If you stay down You will get out with a pension ad a metal. NEVER BE A HERO The Empire DOESN'T care about you. Serve your time, get your benefits, get out. THIS ISN'T WORTH DYING FOR memes
Shonen Jump News  Unofficial WSJ manga Jigokuraku by Yuuji Kaku will be receiving a TV Anime adaptation. Translate Tweet now all need is a jagaaaaan adaptation and ill never complain again bro  now all i need is a jagaaaaan adaptation and ill never complain again bro memes
Just remember, just Super Bowl is on Sunday, we may not know real winner for days or even weeks after the time allotted for official scoring. Referees will still have to tally all mail in touchdowns and so called extra points before they officially announce a new champion meme
Hannah Holmes SS Well im the official laughing stock of my family now. Awesome. This is an embarrassment Gi e Here come.all excuses now.  where is the shock and awe also said NOON I will start kicking people for their attitudes. We are patriots. You stand here and hold the line with us or you can leave. Your choice. 3 OMG none of this was real memes
Pinned Tweet Eggs the OFFICIAL Goblin Queen discord server is now live thank you gamers again for meeting my sub goal, i hope everyone enjoys the server everyone Discord Server Now Live 28 Likes The servers I'm most active on are this one and ivy's server, I'm active on here cuz love her model, active on ivy's cuz I love her The servers I'm most active on are this one and ivy's server, I'm active on here cuz I love her model, active on ivy's cuz I love her memes
Naomi H H o G EVERYONE Naomi SHUT THE FUCK official UP I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A NASA INTERNSHIP 1.129 Homer Hickam HomerHick Language. Naomi H Naomit official Suck my dick and balls I'm working at NASA is Homer Hickam H Hickan And I am on the National Space Council that oversees NASA. Top NASA meme
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Follow Maine GOP mainegop The official Twitter account of the Maine Republican Party. Dr. Demi Kouzounas, Chair JSavage207, Executive Director Augusta, ME and Joined February 2009 572 Following 6,406 Followers Tweets Tweets and replies Media Likes I mrsteak MrSteak I Hiatus Cuz Steak is BIG Babby 2Butt memes