My neighbour just banged On the wall at Gaim can you believe that Lucky I was still up playing music. He banged and shouted, Can we have little respect please  So I shouted back, I'm not a big Aretha Franklin fan, but ok this one's for you memes
TIL the Mayans created scenes very similar to today's modern comics, including speech bubbles, stink lines and naughty jokes. In one scene, a cheeky rabbit dubbed the Mayan Bugs Bunny tells an old man to smell your sweat, wizard penis. that via visioncrown ok this post recontextualizes something that mystified me well over a year ago and i feel like i just stumbled upon the grave of my estranged lover who i never realized was dead a gamer against weed ed bugs bunny and found this Smell your sweat, wizard penis. milhorse it's criminal to not add a pic of the comic in question The rabbit like figure on the left appears to have stolen the old man's clothes, while his speech bubble says something like smell your sweat, wizard penis perhaps the equivalent of Bart Simpson's eat my shorts. It
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