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Can cum while I'm shitting 2 Answers Ron Shipe, USMC ret pro gun, good guy. Answered 4 years ago Author has 494 answers and 2.4M answer views Uh, yeah, men can. Do not know about women, different plumbing you know. Besides, that's not something I've ever talked about with a woman. Ever. If you do come while shitting it's most likely to happen if you haven't gotten some in a long time. You are full, you know. Do not expect an orgasm. Expect something closer to a Prostate Massage except without the embarrassment. It's rather like the strain, or a large turd passing causes you to ejaculate. Doesn't feel good, doesn't feel bad, it just feels, Damn I need a girlfriend. Or, Why couldn't that have been a wet dream  Or, Why didn't I get a grip on my situation earlier memes
The Virgin AnCom So irretevant and unknown that every regular person assumes he's Just a follower of Chad when they meet him abs about Sthor communists off polities that even is a transgirl, but requests pronouns so that he doosn't make people feel awkward Chad always takes control of all of his projects Hates Chad, hhis mom overy night, that Kropotkin wasn't like Stalin, Tries to pressure hor into reading The Conquest of Broad unironically thinks Chad is. capitalist, Chad laughs at him for it of thom that by Chad were shortlived or hardly improved anything thinks even most pet will chose to follow his inevitably adopts Chad's beliefs pragmatic, yet, passionately devoted to achieving communism nkie Made the West shit itself during the 20th century still firmly in the minds of many The c ev