Laptop is fixed. Apparently it was just dirty couldnt clean because of stripped screws preventing me from opening the laptop and had a defective motor for the right fan. Still got a new heat sink and shit cause it was free cause warantee. Surprised it wasnt caused by my cores hitting memes
Cricket Dopamine 1. The kick ass chemical in your brain that makes you feel and do happy things whatever they may be. 2. Also an awesome song that's the opening theme to Gantz. 1. Dopamine creates happiness. We're not exactly sure why or how, but it does so, enjoy. 2. Words to the song Kimi wa DO DO DO DOPAMINE  doko yara sagashi ni kite, AWHEREVER YOU ARE soshite FLY AWAY A ARARARA AA YEAH  INTO OUTERSPACE by Dasani June 27, 2005 memes
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Why we would Storm the Capitol A brief write up of perceived injustices by iFunny user Emyly Opening statement Trump was the name acted under, but he is only that A name. He gave them reason to be there protesting injustices that day, though asked them to remain peaceful and calm, then they chose to take action into their own hands. Trump represents the ideas of freedom and opposition of corruption the People now seek. As such, he has become the rallying cry. Voter Fraud and Why we Believe it Happened Major resource states. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio. Oil, coal, and gas. These things are the very lifeblood of the economy in each respective state. Consistently red for years, then go Blue despite Democrats publicly stating they want to do away with such industries. see here biden over tran
Rust Console 4.0 weather. load weather.reset weather. load Clear weather.load clear weather.clear chance weather.rainbow weather.clear chance weather.load clear weather.load clear weather.load clear weather. load clear weather.load clear weather.load clear weather. load clear weather. load clear weather. load clear weather.load clear weather.load clear weather.load clear weather.load clear weather.load weather. load clear Opening Log Folder Files  weather.load clear Opening Log File output log.txt  weather.load clear memes
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The x button i'm really glad i got a physical copy of this brand new game so i can download 60GB off the disc and then install an 11GB update and then go through all these opening logos to get to the main menu and then a 5 minute loading screen before finally getting into the 12 minute cutscene before playing the hour long tutorial teaching me how to play the game. how did this get so many notes in just 10 minutes Because it's a cold truth we all suffer from Source the x button 57,858 notes memes
PlagueOfGripes 7 years ago I both love and hate the Skeleton Warriors opening. I was like ten or eleven when it started airing, and even then I was like Man, this is stupid. Stupid FRESH. Then I did some break dancing in my flannel shirt and felt bad about my life. 2 FF memes
If you ever feel stupid just remember that there are 9.3k people who are at least 1 million times dumber than you ewe One Punch Man  Official Opening  The Hero  Set Fire to the Furious Fist views 5 years ago 715K 9.3K Share Download Save ufsueetdurt memes
1. The access panel on the sign is generally protected by small lock often are left unprotected, Upon Opening the access panel you can See the display electronics. ar 2. The black con trol pad is attached by a curly cord, with a keyboard on the face. 3. Programming is as simple as scrolling down the menu selection to tar Type whatever you want to display, Hit Enter to submit. You can now either throw it up on the sign by selecting Run save or you can add more pages to it by se lecting Add page Should it ask you for a password. Try DOTS , the default password. In crew will not have changed the password. er if they did, never fear. Hold Control and Shift and while holding, enter DIPY . This will reset the sign and reset the pass memes
60 231 total smiles subscriptions subscribers activity fresh 6 smiles earned yesterday Wolfstar891 and 3 others smiled your comment I was expecting Skyrim opening scene. M4A3E2Sherman and 6 others smiled your comment Bro delete this how'd you find this  It's my gf bro cmon please  We got em bois  We got em bois memes
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