'ou know, people can be very good friends but one differing political opinion nowadays just absolutely destroys tiendships, thats how fragile the state of american politics is. I am not a trump supporter, and i dont particularly like joe biden, but I empathize with either side of the argument. Call me a centrist if you will and the whole hurr durr pick a side bs ide, i just want americans to get along and be happy. here truly is no innocent party and it's up to us to unite and how the government what it really means to be an American this does NOT mean storm the capitol or riot do not skew my words. be good people, respect your compatriots and think of the bigger picture. all american ar Il my friends in my eyes, lets try and keep it that way I'm not trying to start an argument but i real
VFOX NEWS Login OPINION Published December 18 Tom Homan Biden's border crisis is already brewing and it will accelerate COVID spread in the US Biden has sent a message to the entire world that you will soon be able to enter the U.S. illegally am I By Tom Homan I Fox News memes