NNNNNNP 50 Day Anime Challenge How I got into anime Favourite anime Favourite manga Favourite main character Favourite supporting character Favourite antagonist Favourite animation  art Favourite original soundtrack Favourite opening. Favourite ending. Favourite male Japanese voice actor. Favourite male English voice actor. Favourite animation studio Character I relate to the most. Favourite character type tsundere, etc. . Favourite genre. Favourite quote Most epic scene. Saddest scene Favourite female Japanese voice actor. Favourite female English voice actor Last anime I watched. Last manga I read Anime I'm currently watching. Anime I plan on watching 26. 27. 28. 30. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39, 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. Anime merchandise I own Anime merchandise I wa
1.3K days MustangEnthusiast subscribed to each other 581.1k 2.1K 18 total smiles subscribers subscriptions chat Top tier car account. Posts a whole bunch of American cars love. A whole bunch of original content and his car is cool as hell 10 10 Top tier car account. Posts a whole bunch of American cars I love. A whole bunch of original content and his car is cool as hell memes
X Romney Founders didn't From delivered by Goo Romney Founders didn't intend pardons to be used for cronies BY ALEXANDER BOLTON TWEET f SHARE EMAIL amazon Fast shipping on original ink  and  toner Shop now LASERJET Sen. Mitt Romney R Utah on Wednesday called for reforming the use of the president's pardon power after former President Trump granted clemency to 143 individuals as his final act of office, including Stephen Bannon, his former strategist, who was charged with defrauding donors. I can not imagine the founders in providing for pardon power for a president anticipated that presidents would use it to reward political friends, and as a result I would memes
SRE GES 3 SYNR AIL WARS ACTS 21 Star Wars Legends The old Expanded is separated into tiers of I authoritative canon that ensure that the story is as cohesive as possible, Further Info AR WARS These in what levels order their were created from highest corresponding by authority Lucas Licensing letter ta. lowest means in and and will are include parenthesis  PA IN ID ID UNIVERSE in order from highest authority to.lowest and will include what their corresponding letter means in parenthesis G Canon  George Lucas refers to absolute canon, meaning the the original and prequel trilogy fi prequel prequel trilogy films as well as any other works made by Lucas himself with a few exceptions that are S Canon. T Canon  The Clone Wars consists of only the The Clone Wars TV series 2008 2014 . This does n
Squareallworthy Follow Do kids today even understand why podcasts are called podcasts Follow Well, you see, kids, almost twenty years ago Apple produced a portable audio player called wait, I need to go back further. squareallworthy Follow Okay, so in the 20th century, the new inventions of radio and television were known as broadcast media no, wait, that's not really the start either Follow Broadcasting originally refers to throwing, or casting, handfuls of seeds onto prepared ground, typically used with grain crops, which, uh squareativerthhy Follow the Agrucultural Revoution, which begain circa 10,000 BC in the Levant, was when humans began preserving seeds for replanting 91,543 notes BB memes
Type any word TOP DEFINITION watermelon sugar The name for a type of street heroine that originated in Southern Georgia in the late 1990's. It is famous for it's initial fruity taste when originally placed under one's gums. Yo, give me a nickle bag of watermelon sugar. by Waxmoney February 26, 2018 Get the wa neck gaiter and mug. 1. BEST BREASTFEEDING PUMPS meme