Night Per tends to at wounds. Texas and BlazingDoom huddle for warmth. Azure The Riolu, not a bad slime, ul Propane Joe, and BetrothedHungerGamez sleep in shifts. Sam defeats TheOperaBelle in fight, but spares her life. dote tends to his wounds. Sp re attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful. Cajun destroys ViommyHungerGamez's supplies while she is asleep. GrandfatherHungerGamez cooks his food before putting his fire out. questions his sanity. AXS0 is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. ob looks at the night sky. DadLostOrphan attempts to climb a tree, but falls on th gate them both. TehFrenchestFry receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. DASH thinks about winning. Proceed. Texas is warm enough already.  Texas is warm enough already memes
Anonymous No.807214230 be me,5 years ago sitting alone in hospital room with 94 year old dad nothing wrong with him just old and his time is coming 2 KB JPG just sitting there with him when suddenly he starts whistling well meet again by Vera Lynn after he finishes I look at him and tell him it was a good song he looks up at me from his bed Damn fucking right it was. Best song in the world  I go onto my phone and put on the song and we listen for a while after awhile more of hanging out I leave and go home for the night wake up in the morning to a text from my sister that he died a bit after I left mfw well meet again pops. some day meme
Whats wrong little brother Can you tell I'm not wearing a bra Its been a while since we've had some fun together hasn't it You wanna have some right now I bet mom wont get back for a while. Since I know you like them. Here Go ahead. You better get off quick before she gets back. Tell me before when you're about cum. So can suck on it and you can cum in my mouth, that way we do not make a mess and mom won't suspect a thing meme
Java 13. 51 64bit unk T fancy cl ticks, 15 te, PC AGA, pu Ae, 12 at 124.612  116.636 Block  125 83 116 Chunk 334 in 85 7 Facing south Towards positive 33.7 Client Light 15 sky, block Server Light LS sky, black CH 3 Ht 3 86 0 86 MM 86 ML 75 Biome Local Difficulty 225 4.13 Day SC 289, M PL, C 1, A 15, WW 6, 25, Sounds 7Y2497  Hood Debua Pie th hidden FPS  TPS Caltl hid For help press memes