On behalf of the Admin Team here at FL Memes, in regards to a Racist Meme towards Adam Goodes posted 2 days ago, by AF Memes. Which is not our have been absolutely horrified as many of you have also and we the meme post and the page responsible, which goes against all we have been trying to achieve at AFL Memes. We will also be seeking legal action against ed.com for defamation, after naming our page as the source of this racist meme post. which is false and hurts our image and reputation Regards, AFL Meme's Team Oh wow some people would never make it here in hell Oh wow some people would never make it here in hell
OLIVE GARDEN IS OUT HERE REVOKING PASTA PASSES Olive Ganden At Olive Garden, We're all family here. Our traditions, like unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks, have been enjoyed by many guests from all over the country and throughout the entire political spectrum. It has come to our attention that a few of our guests had taken part in a viscous attack on our nation's Capitol. We have worked with the FBI and the Holiday Inn in Washington D.C. to identify several guests who both frequented our restaurants and participated in the violent uprising against our government this week. In response, Olive Garden has invalidated our Never Ending Pasta Pass for several guests and revoked a Lifetime Pasta Pass from Sean Hannity. Olive Garden is dedicated to creating a safe and delightful environment f