Hay Capitalist pigs guess what my oldest daughter wants to be a doctor and my son wants to serve his glorious country that is the People's Republic of China both very honorable ancestors very happy. What do your kids want to be when they grow up Capitalists Oh no your daughters will be sterile onlyfans whores and your sons will become transexuals that work at fast food court for life, I'm so sorry to hear that very dishonorable they are ancestors modified that their bloodline ends so pathetically. But it doesn't have to end that way my, glorious government has proposed proposition for you submit to the People's Republic of China and your children will become honorable people with honorable jobs and have many children. I'LL ALLOW YOU TO THINK IT OVER memes
This was 4 years ago. Maybe this is why we have a forced vaccine. I know it sounds crazy, but they have the technology to make humans more subservient. Food for thought. If this gets taken down, it's probably part of the overall plan for us. aB, Gene editing can now change an entire species forever I Jennifer K I posted this on Facebook and it was taken down in 10 minutes memes
The Virgin Vote Has clear political views, but still hesitates before casting his vote Heavily Influenced by media Believes his vote makes a difference to the result The most powerful he has Too scared to join a protest ever felt Thinks he has independent views, but they all come from party political propaganda When approached by campaigners, pretends out of cowardice that he agrees with them Anonymously debates politics on the Internet Has never seen batlot box In his life Thinks ho TE Actually registered to vote The Chad Insurrection Simply seizes power for himself, singlehandedly Has no time for fake democracy Has huge popular support All the world's elites cower at the very mention of his name Does this every time the government does something he disapproves of meme
Del. McGuire is right. We have a drug problem in Virginia, and legalizing marijuana will only lead to more marijuana overdoses and deaths. Democrats want more marijuana deaths. As your governor I would never allow marijuana to be legalized memes
PERSIAN as the mummified corpse the 2,600 year old daughter of Xerxes Or an Egyptian princess married to a Persian prince during the rule of Cyrus These were the questions archaeologists asked in October 2000 when a mummy was found during a murder investigation in Pakistan. Oddly, the mummy displayed an amalgam of Egyptian and Persian mummification and burial elements, which led to the archaeological debate. A dispute broke out between Pakistan, Iran, and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan over ownership. But by January 2001, the mummy's story had unraveled. Petrochemicals and detergents in her body, pencil marks on her coffin, and an inscription on her breastplate in broken ancient Iranian proved she was no mummy at all. A CT scan confirmed that the body was that of a 21 to 25 year old wom