Patch notes 1.13 GICK WILI axe On EILTIEr UF WOOU LU Lreate SuIppeu woou Added prismarine stairs and slabs Added variantes for all 6 types of woods for pressure plates, trapdoors and buttons Added turtle eggs Be sure to protect them from hostile mobs Mobs Added tropical fish Added turtles A friendly mob that lays eggs on beaches Added dolphins Aneutral mob that will lead you to treasure if you feed it fish Make sure to not hit them unless you want an entire pod after you Added the Drowned Hostile mob that can be found naturally in oceans and rivers Can spawn with tridents Zombies will convert into Drowned if they're underwater for too long Added Phantoms Get.a good nights sleep if you do not want these coming swooping at you Drops phantom membrane Added cod, salmon, and pufferfish as mobs