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Mm Since people seem to WBEZ be making assumptions without The Fight To Commemorate Nancy Green, The Woman Who Played The Original Aunt Jemima June 19, 2020 The brand name Aunt Jemima  which Quaker Oats officials admitted this week is based on a racial stereotype  was derived from an African American mammy character from a popular minstrel show in the late 19th century. Green, a former slave who moved to Chicago to work as a caretaker for a prominent white family, was hired to portray a living version of the character at the 1893 World's Fair, according to her obituaries. She was later hired to play the role for the pancake company until her death. I's in Town Honey. Aunt Jemima's Pancake Flour Better this year than ever before. Prepared frem Wheat, Corn and Rice. Makes the finest pancakes