Papanomaly meme

There is no rest for the weary. stand up. Ww For two weeks straight my appearances on IFPW television has ended in me being a victim of the Dark Order. Evil Uno wants to give me a hero's d*ath, and now in order to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match, I must face my former best friend. was a fool. I allowed myself to be roped into a War not my own because of a friend and my at the time IFPWMania opponent. But fate wills change, and change has occurred. Page is no longer champion, and Edge no longer my friend, my brother. That was a mistake. lam no longer the fool, nor the victim. You have changed that, Edge. The words you have spoken this week has set forth into motion otherworldly consequences you know nothing about. Those consequences start this Friday when I climb that ladder. When