Are te word peace could kill us What exactly makes world peace desirable I've explained before that biologically, War is merely an extension of the Hunt and predates civilization itself. War is an intrinsic aspect of a species, a desire for World Peace is like a desire to end motherhood by forcing all children to be grown in vats and educated in isolation, to prevent any woman from suffering the horror or indignity of performing their purpose as human females. Make no mistake, there are those who believe that nonsense as well. Furthermore, this is assuming they define Peace only in the context of War and not in the legal context where loud music at a party is defined as Disturbing the Peace. In either context World Peace is a terrifying notion that no well adjusted human would ever want.

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KeAun Charles ago Cosmopolitan Do black men tend to see each other as natural adversaries I always sense hostility between black guys who do not know each other very well. Yes. It's actually an important cultural ritual among Black people. As a Black man, everytime you meet a Black man you do not know, you are expected to fight him in single combat until one party submits. Not offering combat is seen as a grave insult. Pictured an example of such combat between an African and an African American. This probably explains the hostility you're sensing. It's not actual hostility, just a combative energy. Sort of like the charging up in Dragonball Z. After one party submits, they both share a respectful, but passionate kiss, as a sign of respect, a signal that there are no hard feelings, and to

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TOP DEFINITION hungoverfield Hungoverfield is the feeling that you get after a long night of drinking, smoking, partying, or more plainly going buck wild. You wake up with a terrible headache, confusion, perhaps vomiting, blurred vision, and gasping for air. Normally the same feeling received by sitting at the front of the theatre during the release of cloverfield. Ex. 1. Brandon drank so much that when he woke up in the random closet, his only thought was that he was in a state of hungoverfield. Ex. 2. Ross Dude I had no idea where was this morning Brandon Lhave no clue how you are still alive Ross The only way to put it is to say lived through hungoverfield. by RossduhBoss February 18, 2010 memes

God I feel retarded. This reminds me of the time I was invited to some kids party in elementary, and I pretended to be a dungeon cat behind his couch the whole time. GenericDouchebag God some fucking prick came over to my friends place and pretended he was some cat behind the fucking couch, I wanted to punch this retard DirtyHarry44 There was a kid in my elementary school who invited to my bday. He pretended to be a dungeon cat behind my couch and it was actually retarded meme

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Cheers, Brother Notorious FOLLOWING Being in your is one big party. Or not. Join these two sexy, young, hotties also known as Sarah Baska and Caitlyn Rae who like to get a little too loose and overshare the insanity that life throws at them week after week, completely unfiltered and unedited for the first time ever. show less Society Culture Trailer I Cheers, Brother 47 sec All Episodes Sort We're Pregnant and Pitbull is Our First Guest I Ep. 1 Cheers, Brother Sarah and Caitlyn kick off the first episode with spilling drinks and taking us through their podcast journey. They catch us up on the Trailer I Cheers, Brother Cheers, Brother Q II Home Search Your Library meme