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Do not ever date a guy with foreskin mf will be attached to you for life. They really do not know how to cut anything off 20 2 Comments 1 Share Like Comment Share Elayna Pomponio 4 Didnt date a dude but dude got me blackout drunk and brought me next door, didnt appreciate told him to not do that shit and he did it again i was pissed, then it was his mission to get me drunk every week, stopped drinking around him and made him buy 2 3 grams of coke every week for a month as payback and never once went over there with him. got his coke addiction back up and rolling for that bs oh yeah and he was uncircumcised his 4,000 bank account went down the drain after that, mf fucked with the wrong bitch, made his ass homeless  couldnt cut me off so now he cant cut the coke off either Like Reply Lashawn
OVERVIEW MOVIES AND TV SHOWS NEWS INTE Christopher Michael Pratt is an American actor known for starring in both television and action films. Wikipedia Born 2009 age 12 years, Virginia, MN Height 6 2 Spouse Katherine Schwarzenegger m. 2019, Anna Faris m. 2009 2018 Children Jack Pratt, Lyla Maria Pratt Upcoming movies Jurassic World Dominion, Thor Love and Thunder, The Tomorrow War, More meme