BB 42 USS Idaho of her class and to be named for the 43rd US State. Laid down at the New York Shipbuilding company in Camden New Jersey on 20 Jan 1915, launched on 30 June 1917, and commissioned on 24 March 1919. The interwar period was quite peaceful for ID. After her shakedown cruise, Brazi President Epitacio Pessoa boarded ID for transport back to Brazil. ID reached Rio De Janeiro on 17 July 1919. ID then crossed the Panama Canal and transferred to the Pacific. ID would bounce between the Pacific and Caribbean over the next 2 decades. Conducting peacetime duties and fleet training exercises. On 7 Sep 1931, ID returned to Norfolk for her modernization overhaul. This reconstruction lasted just over 3 years. She received all the same upgrades of her sisters increased armor, new geared engi
Anonymous No.513691304 I witnessed the most horrific Tard event. Be in school walking down crowded 214KBPNG Corridor Spot tard holding sandwich This tard is known for flipping out violently and a wrangler is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, amongst the crowd, someone bumps into the tard and knocks his sandwich out his hand. A slice of ham lands on some quiet kid who is by his locker ohgodno.avi Like the horns of Jericho, the tard lets out noise that could bring down the walls of a fortress He leaps on the quiet kid and tackles him to the ground, eyes glazed over in feral rage The tard sinks his teeth into this kid's upper thigh, but somehow still roaring little did I know, thta the quiet kid was suffering from PTSD from a violent dog attack He flips his shit and unleashes an epic 45 hit fist
The Art of Ultimate Peace Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options Remove yourself from the situation, Change it, or Accept it totally. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose one of those three options, and you must choose now. Then accept the consequences. No excuses. No negativity. No psychic pollution. Keep your inner space clear. Eckhart Tolle This is the way. All else is Toxicity.  This is the way. All else is Toxicity memes