Husband doing crosswords with his wife Husband emphatic no, five letters Wife never H pistol, three letters W gun H disgust, three letters We ugh H charity, four letters We give H female sheep, three letters W ewe H Pixar movie, two letters W Up BB conthewingedwoit This post just came up behind me and stabbed me memes
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Jazz Musician's Review of Soul liked it. Impressive animation. Accurate improv styles. Accurate portrayal of fulfillment through music. But that's deep or whatever so I like how the piano playing was actually animated to be what was actually being played memes
As Sobble is Behbeh Imagine if Pixar responded to the Pixar moms meme by making Cars 4 and having a huge twist where we learn that Lightning McQueen's mom is a literal dump truck. WHAT IF WE GAVE EVERY PIXAR MOM A DUMP TRUCK ASS Jess Pixar Pixar May 10 To all the incredible moms out there, we wish you all a very happy MothersDay