Goined Americ WASKAmericans 1,511 members 20 online Ask Americans is a sub all about America and the culture within. It's a place to discuss America, it's current events, it's politics, it's culture, and people. A place for locals and forei NEWPOSTS V Serious Americans of Reddit why are you not marching the streets right now demanding imprisonment of Trump and his enablers vote b 13 Share Award Why do so many US citizens modify change the US flag My understanding is, there are clear guidelines telling you what you can not do with the flag, yet many many US citizens seem to be happy to draw on a flag, add writing, add a border, hang it b vote 4 Share Award serious Are the BLM and Trump demonstrations different sides of the Il O Please go fuck with the foreigners. I would but I'm suspended
Who are our enemies This is the question of the first importance for revolution.  Mao Zedong I Our enemies must be labeled once and for all, put an end to their subversive work.  Joseph Stalin I Enemies must be place under the special surveillance they must be ruthlessly punished.  Vladimir Lenin for when they try to deny their complicity   Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants memes
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Maw liked Kusi The place that houses the people with a 12% approval rating was invaded and trashed up a bit and they're going to be working very hard to convince everyone that it's national tragedy and terrorism AM 07 Jan 21 Twitter for Android meme
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LACEY, WA  Arlo, the Thurston County police dog that was shot during a police chase, has returned home after multiple surguries by veterinarians in Oregon. The chase took place last Wednesday night as deputies pursued an armed driver along I S heading south into Grand Mound. 9 hours ago  Icvalley Article Hero Police Dog Returns Home After Successful Surgeries   About featured snippets Feedback memes