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StrawHatJojo Josephderas5 I do not care about being better, I care about having fun, winning and losing 50 50 not dying to losers who live in their moms basement playing Cold War all day a Oe Wumbo Warzone if capitanwu Their idea of fun is going 20 0 do not always do good but it gets fun when u overcome it at least for me DD CA  and  ill Replying to if capitanwumbo Josephderas5 and 2 others You seem like a very sad person tbh Rabid  and   Rabid  meme
Meta Perks The perks that are god tier. These are used in common everyday builds and they are not that situational. Can save your ass probably in every situation Can't be that countered. Easy to use. ATIERMAKER Good Perks The perks that are for many playing styles. Not for common builds but useful perks and builds. Can't save your ass so much but still can make a play work Can be countered but not easy. Knowledge needed to use. Medium Perks These perks are for one or two playing styles. Not that used but has some users. can not pl good with these perks unless you are a good player. Can be countered Kinda hard to many playing Even er even yeu LED rr you ill struggle a bit. Can be untered kinda easily Trash like Perks Perks that are bad. Few playing styles these perks. Even if you have tons