SUPER SMASH BRiBS uLTIMATE HAT KID FOREST SUPER HASH Extra Mii Fighters Costumes HAY Hat Kid points her umbrella forward, charging up a beam. The longer the beam is charged, the more damage t deals. opponents in the at It can explosion of ce, freez Stop Hat Nov cold the time pieces memes
Does anyone know where to go to be fat shamed I'm 19 and weigh the massive size of 265lbs at the unimpressive height of 5'3. Factor in the fact it's all literal fat, and not muscle, and you can probs guess without much thought that I'm morbidly obese. Yep. Anyways point is I guess I do not know how to word it to google or maybe it just doesnt exist, but like are there people out there who enjoy fat shaming Like i mean, someone who would want to like make fun of me on a daily or every other day basis. It's weird ik, but uh I figure reddit is a pretty weird community already. Soooooo, if you wanna waste time out of your life to make fun of a fattie then be my guest. 14 C Share meme
File HATRED IS WHAT DRIVES ME png 1.18 MB, 807x1076  479159585 OP Alright, here from last thread, after having a conversation about what itd feel like to fuck a FemGolem, be me have a discussion about fucking a stone being with 30,000Ibs of pussy and ass in a Risky Rain thread i have a bike, and maxmat is just 10 minutes away with driving drive there, buy soft clay like anon said go to continente, also buy strong condoms and lubricant go back home take a plastic cup, put a bit of clay in add water, start feeling for consistency at the end, i have something similar to silicone alright jpg take screwdriver, make slit with it and start digging a bit to make some sort of crevice for my peenus weenus to go in it's finished go back to my room pull down pants, nervous at this point but get prepar
I CAPRICORN  December 22  January 19 Symbol Ruling Planet House Ruled Sea Goat Saturn Tenth Element Mode Keyword  Earth Cardinal Achieve Capricorn people are ambitious, practical, and are likely to have an excellent sense of social responsibility. They also tend to be conscious of social mores, perhaps to the point of over concern, and can suffer from feeling insecure. They are driven, yet cautious, which allows them to advance slowly and steadily to the top. GRAPH meme
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Ecclesiastes For everything there is a season, and a time avery matter under heaven a time to be born, and a time to die a time to plant, and time to pluck up what is planted There are two wo things that strike me about this verse The first is the inevitability of a time to live and a time to die. It really drives home the point that you will die, as surely as you are now living. Your death is inevitable, is prearranged, is coming. Your date is set and your time is ticking down. You will die. The second is the idea of being planted and plucked. I think that is a very apt comparison. We a planted in this life. We weather the storms, we grow, we work towards sanctity, we develop. And then at the end of our lives, we are taken up, plucked from this earth and judged. Like a fruit, if we are fo