The difference between servants going to the New World in the 1600s and settling and servants going to Mars in the future and settling is that 1600s servants still had a world. 1600s servants had trees, air, water, the sun, wildlife, grass, rain, wind, snow, fish, soil. Future servants to Mars will be condemned to a cave or pod and told to work for their entire life, never feeling the sun, never seeing a blue sky, never even feel the dirt they toil. 1600s This sucks. Future KILL memes
Systemic Racism doesn't exist Household wealth of Black and white Americans White $102T Black Employment population ratio by mite mBlock Hicpanic Wage gap between Black and white Americans 62% Advanced course credit earned in secondary school, by subject and race mWhite mm Black 16% All subjects Math Science College attainment of Black and white Americans mWhite m Black 35.2% Wa bus us charts graphs data educational opportunities remain starkly split by race 13 Mo memes
Anarcho Solipsist elect Br Replying to nypost Killed by Capitol police. Say her name. Ashli Babbit. 1,208 523 832 Stygian Stilettos Gamer Why didn't she just comply Why did she show disrespect to law enforcement If you're not doing anything wrong, nothing to worry about, right That's what you tell black people when they're shot dead. Let's keep that same energy. 127 112,481 O282k memes
Ok so i was at the mall with my mom and i walk into the girl underwear section cus i was feeling froggie and there i saw it it was manniquen full body and it even had a head it was a girl one wearing a bra and there was my big chance so pull down her bra and lowes and behold no nipple  how in the sweet f word am i suppose to rub circles around nipple on a manniquen with no nipple she has boobs just no nipple you live and you learn maybe the ones at walmart do i will keep u osted memes
The Crusades and the wars of the English decimated the nobles and divided their possessions the erection of communities introduced an element of democratic liberty into the bosom of feudal monarchy the invention of firearms equalized the villein and the noble on the field of battle printing opened the same resources to the minds of all classes the post was organized so as to bring the same information to the door of the poor man's cottage and to the gate of the palace and Protestantism proclaimed that all men are alike able to find the road to heaven. Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835 memes
The Election Wizard REPORT ICE had been planning a nationwide operation in partnership with the US Marshals targeting at large sex offenders, but it was scuttled by Biden's new immigration freeze. Center for Immigration Studies 12 AN Biden covering his ass *knock knock* Hola Como estas Bueno, gracias. Ma'am I'm Phil Holt of the U.S. Marshals. We're looking for the information on some possible sex offenders in your area. Would you happen to know anything about the rumors of a child molester in this neighborhood Actually I know about wait, who's he Ah yes. This is Agent Collins with ICE assisting with our investigation. He's here to deport anyone who is in the country illegally. SLAM memes
'ou know, people can be very good friends but one differing political opinion nowadays just absolutely destroys tiendships, thats how fragile the state of american politics is. I am not a trump supporter, and i dont particularly like joe biden, but I empathize with either side of the argument. Call me a centrist if you will and the whole hurr durr pick a side bs ide, i just want americans to get along and be happy. here truly is no innocent party and it's up to us to unite and how the government what it really means to be an American this does NOT mean storm the capitol or riot do not skew my words. be good people, respect your compatriots and think of the bigger picture. all american ar Il my friends in my eyes, lets try and keep it that way I'm not trying to start an argument but i real
Guys. This shit is scaring me now. We are forgetting our history. Some by choice, some, by force. want to start some sort of blog or write a book journal like Anne Frank. Try to remind everyone of what is truly happening. So not everyone is a sheep. Should I do it What do you think are the top 10 most important historical events to include Please. Help memes
Thank you for calling Kroger this is Leonard how may I help you today Yes hello, I purchased 4 kroger brand ice cream and when I brought them home they were all freezer burnt. All of them. Alright Ma'am, if you have the receipt for those you can bring it back to the store and can exchange that for store credit or for replacement ice cream. I can not do that I have work all week in Lenoir City I can not just drop everything to go I to your store  WA, Well Ma'am you can keep your receipt and when you have a free day you can come to our location and return the item for store credit. Wh wha I no I I would like to speak to your manager *attempts to put caller on hold* *accidentally hangs up* Oh shit memes
Gina Raimondo GinaRaimondo Rhode Island may be small, but our economy is mighty on the strength of our small businesses and innovative technologies. As Secretary of Commerce, I will harness that same American ingenuity to create good paying union jobs and build our economy back better than ever before. These are America's worst states for business in 2019 50. Rhode Island 2019 Score 938 out of 2,500 points This is Rhode Island's 5 time at the bottom of the rankings in the 13 years since the CNBC study began. Officials are determined to make this time the last. Worst categories Infrastructure No. 50, Economy No. 48, Cost of Doing Business No. PM Web App The Boston Globe 44 Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo says h won't be Raimondo reportedly being aimon says she won be considered for H