EU health agency urges countries to prepare more stringent measures, speed up vaccine campaigns over virus variants AFP 23 minutes Northern Ireland's lockdown has been extended to 5 March following a meeting of the devolved government Sky News an hour memes
Prepare thy axes, children of Odin, for the time hath come } awaiteth you POSTED Become a real Viking and set sail with this premium Dying Light bundle fe ER SS Who said Vikings did not fight zombies They'd better get their facts straight because there seems to be ps Harran. The deep has washed up a Norseman. What Norseman  you'd ask. Why. you, of course And you've better. After all, what are some zombies compared to what you've already been through Wars, bloodbath, pl Harran surely is just yet another place you'll conquer. And we're going to help you. Bruhhhh They put pagang in Dying light  They put pagang in Dying light memes
Icecreamsandwichcomics glass  can see prepare te be Unfinished comic from a long time ago that wasn't ever going to be completed. It makes absolutely no sense, but honestly in its current state i think it's the funniest thing so I'm not adding to it. Anyway. Posting a later today. Expect that. Anddd uhh yeah see you then. csdragon Fred's got enough problems containing one eldritch beast Hot take everyone in the gang is some sort of all powerful being, except for Fred, who is just a dude who managed to harness each of them, befriend them, and rope them into helping him live out his dream of solving mysteries BB vosh daemon Release them, Fredward Jones. Your hubris will become your undoing Hotter take Freddy doesn't actually know. The rest of the gang took those mortal forms to fuck with peo
The Bae is coming over starter pack AM xeppeli It makes me happy knowing that we have an entire subgroup of twitter users that prepare some freshly cut pinapple for their significant other before they visit. This is very sweet memes
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LLinWood Bhrs ago 3.8m I wonder if this detailed diagram was prepared by the FBI to show Biden connections to China Someone did some good investigative work to prepare this damning chart Guess that means it was not Chris Wray or FBI Blatant corruption how CCP China Helped negotiate a deal for $40 Million investment ina bought Joe Biden's entire family Louisiana natural gas project $5 Million The Ce founder Jian and former Ming West Ye Jian Ming The founder and Chairman of Hunter Biden Co owner of Hudson West II Dong Gong Wen Middleman Ye Jian Ming's subordinate Co owner of Hudson West III Ho Chi Ping Call Hunter through James before arrested Hunter agree to represent to him on trial Sentenced to 3 years for bribing African officials 2.7k James Biden Hunter agree to represent to him on tri
Ifyou try to replace RBG we'll be forced to start a Civil War. time to think it over Well it'll probably take along time to prepare, we'll need to get guns and all of that stuff. Alright look, lets say you learned your lesson and just this backing out. That's the rule Okay great, ll pencil you in for next week. I was actually looking Yeah, accept your Civil War. Nope, not at all. When do you want to get started Oh no, have lots of guns. actually keep one right here in my drawer. Well no, once the Civil War has been accepted there's no memes