Hey guys know this is random but i wanted to know if anyone would like to check out my art instagram or would like to see some posted here Im still pretty new but i thought it coulon't hurt to ask. On a side note i just got accepted into a culinary school and working on more financial aid Dont have many people too celebrate with so i hope you vont mind here meme
So sad. You can look at this trailer and tell it was pretty current, but did the math and in 73 your Grandfather would've only been 36, back from Vietnam and previously under aged in Korean War. By the time I came around I only remember him as a 40 something ner who with stress seemed 10 years older, but I was a child so what did I know 40 from 55 1972 MOVI Eve GLOCKWORK ORANGE memes
Racism Test You Population Average 68  and  GENERAL socio PERPETUAL TOTAL RACISM HISTORICAL RACISM FOREIGNER RACISM RACISM This makes you 63.81% more prone to general racism than the average person. 71.27% more prone to socio historical racism than the average person. 56.93% more prone to perpetual foreigner racism than the average person. 63.9% more prone to racism than the average person overall. Questions exclude white racism, most of the questions are trap questions and are pretty mundane issues. What an unfunny joke of a test  Questions exclude white racism, most of the questions are trap questions and are pretty mundane issues. What an unfunny joke of a test memes
The endless chatter in Washington about political strategy, Podhorzer believes, has little to do with how change really gets made. My basic take on politics is that it's all pretty obvious if you do not overthink it or swallow the prevailing frameworks whole, he once wrote. After that, just relentlessly identify your assumptions and challenge them. Podhorzer applies that approach to everything when he coached his now adult son's Little League team in the D.C. suburbs, he trained the boys not to swing at most pitches a tactic that infuriated both their and their opponents parents, but won the team a series of championships memes
*looks to my feet shyly and then to you* youre pretty smart for a girl you know that right *blushes* Um I'm pretty sure other girls are smart. *eyes widen in a bit of surprise* THINKS TO MYSELF oh no oh no she didnt like that. W well its just boilogy that men are smarter . We have higher IQ's on average. Like my IQ is 159 Anyway lets move on *smiles cheerfully* I'm going to block you now *looks in shock* why I thought you were nice but youre actually a birch. I guess all women are the same now  *sighs, then sadly blocks you before you can block me* Oo RR aa wt memes
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Tapping my tummy, I have, my name is Daniella. I'm pretty laid back but I STILL demand your respect. You serve me and I serve you. She pulled my shoulders so my head was level with hers. Her lips hovered over my ear as I let out a smol, Eep. You will address me as Master when we're out around the compound but when we're in privacy such as in our quarters, You'll address me as Daniella'. Understood little N I nodded scratching my head against her huge pillow. Y yes Master, I I mean Daniella. She laughed quietly, blowing some air into my nape tickling it, There we go. Good boy. Her hand came over and patted my head, Learning fast already. I smiled almost the darkness, Thank you Master. She rolled onto her back, Lay on top of me right here. She patted her mounds, B but your breasts are right