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This Day in Halo January 20th, 2536 Olympia Vale was born on the Inner Colony of Luyten. She was a child prodigy with an extreme level of innate skill in languages. At age eleven, her parents divorced and her mother, a recently promoted captain in the UNSC, was reassigned to High Command. As Vale and her mother left Luyten aboard a shuttle headed for Sydney, Australia on Earth, the slipspace drive malfunctioned. Their projected six day trip turned into a six month journey back to human space during which they had to dodge Covenant. Vale annoyed the adults aboard the shuttle with endless questions until she was simply ignored by them and left to her own devices. She decided to listen to recordings of the Sangheili's language to pass the time, and she compared them to some Al translations. O

LA Olivia Half Heart was a young Half Elf who grew up in small but bustling city of Natolia, and had been raised by her human father who opened a small store that catered to the adventurers and explorers who were constantly stopping in the city for rest. Often slowed down by the gold and other treasures. Olivia had loved to listen to their stories and tales whenever she could, and dreamed of one day becoming an adventurer herself so she could go out and see the world. And to hopefully meet her mother along the way, who was supposedly the most beautiful elf in the realm. Being somewhat of a musical prodigy the young woman taught herself to use the violin, and played for people in the market square, making a bit of money and a few friends along the way. Including a wizard who was passing thr

Sneakshot27 9  PM Sneakshot27 show started a chat. Sneakshot27 added Spicy Narco Lol a Freddy with ruin u ain't no prodigy just a shitty ass campy killer Camping the basement lol what a garbage killer Your that sweaty and you still can not hit rank 1 Imfao And BBQ lol damn your really thirsty lol still can not make it to rank 1 lol pathetic You are so triggered because I didn't make it easier for you Imao can use whatever perks I want, bought the game, dildo Sneakshot27 Lol dude I'm rank 2 play properly I do not have crutch perks like like Aa Remembered now why I became a survivor main lol  Remembered now why I became a survivor main lol memes

LOVE ECHOES violabat When I marry someone, I want that person to be on my intellectual level. I expect nothing but a man of culture, a prodigy and someone who will yield the most profound and meaningful of conversations. My standards will have no equal. 10 years later. Babe, it happened again memes

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