Free Market Solutions We have to find a means of getting small businesses to where they can afford a $15 an hour wage before we even remotely push for it. Because today, small businesses are being forced to remain at a.5 2% profit margin due to government rules and regulations allowing big corporations to make more money at lower prices. If the big corporations wanted to, they could drop prices to the point that almost every small business would go under in the next 1 2 years. So why do not they do it, because if they did, they'd have we the people angry as hell at them, and demand more government restrictions on them overall. But if we're the ones demanding the government to enact that which causes the small businesses to fail, it achieves the same goal, but we can only hold ourselves acc
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez  Replying to AOC When we say tax the rich, we mean nesting doll yacht rich. For profit prison rich. Betsy DeVos, student loan shark rich. Trick the country into war rich. Subsidizing workforce w food stamps rich. Because THAT kind of rich is simply not good for society,  and  it's like 10 people memes
King Leopold II Radical Centrist Authoritarian Forced labour with harsh punishments for missed quotas Left Funded massive public works and amenities in Belgium Libertarian Oppressed and killed African people Owned an entire country for personal profit memes
Haven't heard anything in a while about Street Harassment or Men Objectifying Women every since Women started objectifying themselves selling digital pussy for profit on Women are dangerous because they are chameleons. They will agree and justify anything as long as they get some type of benefit from doing so even if their current contradict previous actions memes
Well, day 1 and Biden already screwed over Alaska. Cost our state billions in profit and 10,000 jobs by blocking oil drilling where we literally just had a state auction for land rights. Our state runs off oil profits. Alaska is fucked memes
6 Walgreens Pickup Walgreens Pharmacy ITEM DETAILS Search ltem I Search Platforms and Prices All origins 4100 4300 Not from Series 4100 4300 From Series 4100 4300 Blueprint value 2100 2300 Crafting cost 2000 Price on PC 4000 4400 Price on PSN 4100 4300 Price on Xbox 4200 4500 Ben infolinks SCHOOL I memes
Stats Bid $0.16 x 1230 Ask $0.17 5201 Mark $0.17 Prev Close $0.23 High $0.18 Low $0.14 Volume Open interest implied volatility Chance of profit The Greeks Delta 0.0216 Gamma 0.0025 Theta 0.0769 Vega 0.0272 Rho 0.0016 $0.17 x $0.23 $0.14 138 7,264 39.54% 97.59% 0.0025 0.0272 of memes
Battles I Community ooPs 86 HondaCivici To Battle 6437478 1,056 60064, Battles 4602 F2G 1 Rank Battle rating 6.3 12.7 mm Browning machine gun Ammo 1800 Scout rank Il and above Version Get the Intelligence streak required number of times Crew 1 Max Speed 706 Obtain battle award Intelligence  at hei 5000 m 11800 m Time left 21.0 s* 20.0 180 m vehicle research efficiency  V Ranks Crew Level 30 Qualification Basic Reward 644% 100% It is recommended to distribute the Crew XP Points 4 Reward 540%  F2G 4 All battle tasks Crew Fighter Armor XRay Rank Battle rating 6.3 Modifications 12.7 mm Browning machine gun Ammo 1800 Armament Presets 6 One second Burst Mass 3.33 1 706 Allinactive items 21  I 5000 11800 m 21.0 s* 20.0 Turn Takeoff Run 180 m China Free repairs 6 repair cost 18,090 Free r