Ch 1287220 yberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer 1,952,603 views 10 Jan 2013 Fiii Rahman 3 weeks ago edited Things that have happened since Cyberpunk was announced 2 Resident Evil Remakes 2Tlous 2 Rockstar open world games 2 Dark Souls 3 Gears of War 11 Call of Duty's 9 Assassin's Creeds 2 God of wars 3 Miyazaki games 2 Uncharteds 2 Devil May Cry's 3 Watch Dogs games and Kojima demo. 2 Nomura games 1 The Last Guardian Announcement that Final Fantasy Versus 13 became FFXV and launch Baldurs Gate 3 launched Diablo 4 has been announced Kingdoms hearts and a prologue Announcement and launch of Shenmue 3 Announcement and launch of FF Vil Remake 2 Fallouts 4 Battlefields Quya was born and died World Cups 1 entire Star Wars trilogy Crash came back with a remastered trilogy, won a rac