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Consume my asshole with pleassure Whats good im hosting a minecraft server for the 1.12.2 pack on techniclauncher, its factions pyp and raiding enabled if you wanna join PM   Whats good im hosting a minecraft server for the 1.12.2 pack on techniclauncher, its factions pvp and raiding enabled if you wanna join PM meme
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This guy tried to defend Destiny's PVP modes by saying the game was focused on PVE, so of course PVP wouldn't be good. br ughtup md byh do. which PVE first and foremost PY after ught. Halo 1 was efore bo Live wa ve thing, which is why r of the ma on mayp no nough yr still made an amazing le Xbox were la Just A Fvcking Cat He blocked me after insulting me, just to get the last word in, and when I logged into my secondary profile to call him out for it, he went on to claim was only pretending to be blocked, before blocking my alt as well. All because he couldn't accept hat the very same studio had released plenty of good PVP jametypes for a PVE focused game. AI T'm saying is, if you're confident in your point, you wouldn't have to insult the opposition or block them. This is a coward who has