NEW New York Post  nypost A study has found drinking young people's blood could help you live longer and prevent age related diseases Majesty Ria Been waiting for this to hit the timeline. Yes, the founder of PayPal is investing millions of dollars for anti aging research  and  founded a company called Ambrosia where they use the blood of young people to reverse the again process. The blood of the youth. Replying to ToriNicksWho And it's called ambrosia the food of the gods HuffPost Ambrosia refuses to say where it gets its young blood. HuffPost traced some of it back to a Texas blood bank that recruits teen donors for saving lives. Dana Liebelson Me  and  JessReports found out that at least some of the young plasma came from a blood bank in Texas that recruited teenage donors for saving l
YOU EVER HEARD THE jesseitzler  TRUE STORY Years ago I bought into a horse with a bunch of friends. It was a one time thing we did strictly for fun. TB was part of the group. We named the horse GUTS . Anyway. the horse came in in it's first 3 races which is absolutely AMAZING and we were convinced we had something special. OCES SPORTS HQ phone Bradytards Right after the next race I called TB to give him the results from the track. I said Great news. Guts came in second again*. The phone went silent Finally, after a long break Tom said This is terrible said Terrible There were like 10 other quality horses and we came in second Brady said Jesse. this horse needs to understand what it's like to win said Tom ats a horse He said it doesn't matter what it is memes
THE FIVE RACES OF AMERICA KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE The Native WASP Likes to grill Loves his neighbor Good intentions but abysmal IQ. Starting to get tired Lizard distracts him with red hats and pillow salesmen so he doesn't start a civil war The Big City Diaspora talian or Irish surname Inherently violent and greedy Somehow managed to get 2 presidents in male feminist or racist cop BADDA BING The New American Charming Great at landscaping Barely speaks English Will replace the WASP as the most common race in like 20 years Distrusts the Lizard Will either become a mobster, The Basketball American Has developed its own, untranslatable language Had a higher IQ than the WASP before getting into crack Dislikes gays and Mexicans, votes blue for the gibs Inhabits the Mississippi