As Ben and Jerry's It was allowed to happen. The mostly white insurrectionists roamed freely and without consequence through the heart of our democracy. The only explanation is that this was allowed to happen because they were white not Black, Brown or Indigenous people. While there are pigs that let them in there where those that tried to do their job and got killed. While there are pigs that let them in there where those that tried to do their job and got killed memes
Oh shit oh fuck the 99% We're done with you stealing from us, capitalist pig Number of NYT Articles Mentioning Racism Total NO End of Occupy Wall Street 1000 I 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 R is the onl problem we face Yaaas qween they're falling for Do not care about anything else, focus on racism memes
Caillou cancelled by PBS Kids TV is now more diverse, but must do better Kim Wilson, Adrianna Ruggiero, Colleen Russo Johnson, Josanne Buchanan, Ryerson University January 20, 2021 9.17am EST On Jan. 5, PBS Kids announced it was going to stop airing Caillou, a children's show whose run on TV spanned 24 years. A mix of reactions spilled onto to social media, with some celebrating the show's cancellation and others saddened by the end of their childhood show. So it begins  So it begins memes
Anarcho Solipsist elect Br Replying to nypost Killed by Capitol police. Say her name. Ashli Babbit. 1,208 523 832 Stygian Stilettos Gamer Why didn't she just comply Why did she show disrespect to law enforcement If you're not doing anything wrong, nothing to worry about, right That's what you tell black people when they're shot dead. Let's keep that same energy. 127 112,481 O282k memes
Systemic Racism doesn't exist Household wealth of Black and white Americans White $102T Black Employment population ratio by mite mBlock Hicpanic Wage gap between Black and white Americans 62% Advanced course credit earned in secondary school, by subject and race mWhite mm Black 16% All subjects Math Science College attainment of Black and white Americans mWhite m Black 35.2% Wa bus us charts graphs data educational opportunities remain starkly split by race 13 Mo memes
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