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Brad Venable, a prolific game and anime voice actor who played V's familiar Griffon in Devil May Cry 5, recently passed away. Following his wife's permission family, friends, and other members of the voice acting community made the new public on January with tributes and personal memories meme
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Be me 13 and really wanted a girlfriend tall, athletic and my muscles developed pretty early, puberty blessed me JPG was an absolute stud of a middle schooler stacies in my grade would often flirt with me but i had no clue what to do awkward as fuck did my best to flirt back but never had the balls to ask any of them out friends tried to help me out but i was hopeless eventually decided that i had plenty of time to grow a pair and claim what was rightfully mine also believed that i would retain my position at the top of the food chain for the rest of my life i was painfully wrong by 15 i stopped growing but my friends only just started mfw i realized that i was now short no longer was of any interest to stacies lordwhyhaveyouforsakenme.rar ff 7 years am now 22 and only 5'7
Congress update So I just listened live to GA congresswoman Majorie Greene who gave some updates 1 Confirmed Pelosi violated her own rules on 1 3 21 by bringing in covid positive members of congress to vote for her and yes they exposed others while there 2 She stated congress removed the minority right to motion to re commit, this means congress can just ram though crazy radical left wing agenda items, My note Democrats we told you so. 3 Congress has confirmed that president Trump did in fact ask for the national guard in advance to be deployed on January at the capital and was denied 4 Congressional interviews she participated in confirmed that ANTIFA members disguised themselves with Trump supporters and instigated the violence, however she confirmed it was only some. Trump supporters di