M, K. Thor Jensen kthorjensen The new right wing explanation for yesterday was that the storming of the Gesteel was actually a secret military sting operation so the Marines could seize laptops and the Q Shaman has cameras in his horns. These people will believe literally anything. The military took all of the laptops from Congress when they left the premises. They were messaging the CCP, and the Fake News. This onslaught of the Gepitel Building by was a Sting Operation They Were Caught Red Handed The dude wearing the horns, I explained in another post he's actually an undercover Marine, and he was playing the part. His name and social media profile, calling him an artar.wee attancdad nrnatacte hoth Ai AA anri memes
I work at bethesda and today we had a meeting where we discussed elder scrolls 6. Its literally just going to be the Beyond skyrim mod but attached to the existing Skyrim game. We will be selling skyrim to you with an added mod This has been a VenkuSkirata PSA meme
Andrew Somebody joked that Vox is now the in flight website for Air Force One. It's already come true  Biden's executive order this afternoon literally hyperlinks to this voxdotcom story by EmilyStewartM, The American unemployment system is broken by design Vox White women's role in white supremacy, explained Women at the Capitol riot are just the latest reminder of a long history. By Anna North on January 15, 2021 pm Vex 3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake Happy Fourth By Dylan Matthews on July 3, 2018 am The big problem with the animal crackers cage free box redesign The new art doesn't address any of the underlying issues about ethics, exploitation, and corporate greed. By Daisy Alioto on August 28, 2018 pm The hard hitting journalism of Vox is influencing the White House me