The lesson everyone should take from Cobra Kai is there's no such thing as characters without potential, only writers without imagination. often see people stay certain characters could never carry their own solo series or movie. No, bitch. The epitome of 1 dimensional 80's bullies was made into a compelling protagonist 30 years later. Even Kreese is a good character now. You can take any random character and make a good story out of them if you have the vision to do so. make a good story out of them if you have the vision to do so meme

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See you discovered that my last ame Care Unfortunately for you, my middle name is Do not On God the worst thing about getting a comic related feature is mfs that act like they know the whole story and spew random shit and try And say I do not know what I'm talking about when I READ THE FUCKING WHOLE COMIC AND NOT A FEW PAGES  And say I don't know what I'm talking about when I READ THE FUCKING WHOLE COMIC AND NOT A FEW PAGES memes

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