FROM ZERO TO HERO IN 5 NEEKS ANACOMY OF A US Chin ups ore done with grip, with your palms focing towards you. oppored to the slightly more dificult pull ups. which are pertormed with the palms focing awoy. Both chin ups and pull ups use all the muscles in your forearms for grip. your shoulders and core for stabilisation and fixation and your bock muscles ond biceps as the prime movers . Chin Up Technique Grip the bor towards you shoulder width apart or slightly narrower , with your palms focing away towards you with an grip. Hang trom the bor with your arms extended. Squeeze your thouider blades together sightly, pulling your shouiders backwards. imagine you're trying to squeeze a big orange between your shouiders. Try tensing your abdominal muscles, oF drowing your belly button inwards to