Wants to be king of the entire fucking Wants to world Has people he just met ready to die for him Trained by a single guy, mastered that shit before the lesson was over Gets mad hoes, even a pirate empress, doesn't give a shit Has max drip on every island he goes Uses his own willpower to beat the opps Owns a dope ass ship with mechs and whips Can and will stroll into the opps territory and come out alive Wants to be mayor of some racist, genocidal bumfuck village Has to save the village to make friends 3 different trainers, and still needed space ninja jesus powers Has no hoes, is a simp, and settled for the only one who gave him attention Has zero drip, isa ninja with the loudest outfit on Sucks the opps off, if that dont work, sucks off his edgy demon INo wheels, has a gay ass broke boy

In this world there are many small kingdoms constaintly fighting trying to gain control, you had just become a Ring queen right in the middle of it all Only a day into your rule you were presented with different women that could be your new personal guard, Kiara, she was the top knight from the kingdoms training academy, She used the kingdoms traditional broadsword as her weapon while her armor was made for both protection and fashion. She was extrenely loyal and would only follow your orders unless ordered otherwise. Lima, she was trained in a new type of weapon which hadnt been tested out in combat yet. She used long spear with separate blades coming from the sides, it would be good at long range but was untested in close quarters. She had no real armor instead wearing an outfit with mul

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