Citron RESEARCH January 22, 2021 Dear Reader, What Citron has experienced in the past 48 hours is nothing short of shameful and a sad commentary on the state of the investment community We will no longer be commenting on GameStop, not because we do not believe our investment thesis but rather the angry mob who owns this stock has spent the past 48 hours committing multiple crimes that I will be turning over to the FBI, SEC, and other governmental agencies. This is not just name calling and hacking but includes serious crimes such as harassment of minor children. We are investors who put safety and family first and when we believe this has been compromised, it is our duty to walk away from a stock. We hope that government enforcement will eliminate this problem for all future market comment

SCHLESWIG MECKLENBURG Amsterdam ghine Rive, Brussels BELGIUM BAVARIA FRANCE Stuttgart RUSSIA Budapest HUNGARY tral 1815 1866 of Conman LOMBARDY Though a crown of a united Germany was offered to the king of Prussia in the near aftermath of the 1848 revolutions the crown was Rejected by the king, fearing a lack of official recognition. Despite this, he stille desired the increase in Prussian power in the german Confederation. He began forming a united group of german states under Prussian dominance in what was called the Erfurt union Naturally this union was not in the interest of Austria, whos predominance in Germany relied on German disunity rather than German unity, Austria fiercely opposed the Erfurt union, seeking its dissolution as fast as possible and proposing its own union that woul

Moose cavalry Moose cavalry are military units of cavalrymen mounted on moose AKA Eurasian elk, Alces alces alces rather than the more usual horses. There are legends that state that the Mansi people of Western Siberia rode moose into battle but there is no evidence of this. In 17th century Sweden Charles XI trialled the use of moose as a replacement for horses, which had to be imported. However they proved you will never be part of a 17th century moose cavalry regiment  you will never be part of a 17th century moose cavalry regiment meme

Yahoo News  mins They said that the findings do not necessarily indicate that one quarter of bee species are extinct. Rather, they may now be so rare that no scientist has observed them in nature for the last three decades. 25% of wild bee species have gone missing since the 1990s meme

Lambda 200dlambdas Replying lo theserfsiv oh yeah free market Crony capitalism is an economic system which businesses thrive not as a result of ri but rather as return on money amassed through nexus between business class and the political class, This is often achieved by using te power rather than competition in managing perm nment grants, ta breaks, or other forms of state intterventlonttll4 35 Jasmim Talks Cinema JasmimTal  That's just capitalism 35 Jasmim Tal ALL TIRESOME memes

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G drive without shoes Are you allowed to drive without shoes Contrary to popular belief, no It is not illegal to drive barefoot. No states in the U.S. have road laws against driving without shoes. But, keep in mind that driving barefoot rather than driving with shoes can lessen the grip and control you have on the pedals, which could lead to an accident. May 6, 2019 Al  driving laws Is It Illegal to Drive Barefoot or Shirtless I Direct Auto Insurance Is driving barefoot illegal Driving a car barefoot is legal in all 50 states. While the risks of barefoot driving are debatable, the practice is not illegal, though most people assume that it is. Ohio even wrote the warning into its law  Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted but not recommended. May 17, 2013 meme

WALK SAFELY ON ICE Do The Penguin Walk Wrong Way ww math Se euppert pet rrvui strice Walhiig thet way mm ferees gach leg tu euppert the weight of the Boty at that nol perpendicular to the sertace af She peaustting ina naaty tall At rp tn kaa your murscden Polet the feut out you tall bachwards. mate effort te tuck powr Chin pour head hit the ground Den't take long strides of run Labing snoricits awet areas wiees romeval incompiote, pour Tips for avoiding slips and falls in icy conditions Select apprupriate tectwear  Nat footees with rubber sales prevides better traction un ice and snew than leather. soled ur tigh hepted shoes Be aarticutarty careful eto and out ol veniches  and hold on te weniche suppeet. both Ranids fren far balance, rather than your Une whew you tan Be sere Boor mats when

Researchers found using social media actively rather than passively has the potential to and satisfy boost our confidence and satisty our need for social interaction ACTIVE LIKING, COMMENTING ACTIVE AND CREATING CONTENT PASS DOOMSCROLLING, PASSIVE STALKING, NOT ENGAGING Do not obsess about how many likes or followers you get. It's about having another tool to help you socialise with friends and family MISLEADING AND FALSE. Social Media usage leads to massive amounts of depression among sus lol young people.  MISLEADING AND FALSE. Social Media usage leads to massive amounts of depression among sus lol young people memes

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It may have happened this way The mother seal had just given birth and were frightened about coming people The umbilical cord is the first thing what animal mother cut after birth but she had no time. The pups are living in snow and nobody can touch them otherwise is sure that the mother seal abandon the pup. The faith of this pup is sad. Leiah Sariell, Lapland Finland 1 Heartbreaking story. However I do not believe that these fishermen should be punished, they were genuinly trying to help and were really ignorant to the fact that sometimes human intervention can be deadly rather than life saving. Nature can be extremely cruel at times the mother might have abandoned it due to it being ill or if it had been tampered with by human hand. Poor Baby Valera RIP Sweetheart memes

Notice a lot of conservatives condemning the Capitol Hill riots and calling them just that riots. Why is the left still calling the past 8 months of looting and arson peaceful demonstrations Left leaning media outlets aren't even giving the courtesy of calling the Capitol Hill riots riots, rather branding it a terroristic coup of calling the Capitol Hill riots riots, rather branding it a terroristic coup meme

Instances of SCP 3168 1 are anomalous organisms which resemble ambulatory houses on chicken legs Foundation folklorists have noted the similarity to the Russian legend of Baba Yaga from their legs and feet, the organisms are not composed of biological matter, but rather of standard architectural materials boards, masonry, nails, etc. Despite their anomalous form and composition, instances of SCP 3168 1 follow the standard chicken life cycle, hatching from their eggs an average of 21 days after fertilization, at which point they are the size of non anomalous newly hatched chickens radiographic and ultrasound examination of SCP 3168 1 eggs reveal the presence of microscopic architectural components as early as 5 days after fertilization. Tissue samples from the legs of SCP 3168 1 instances r