I see a lot of people on here say they really like Tally Hall, and I can see why, but there's another band that gives off the same kind of vibe an I personally think they did it better. Ween is a band that can write a song in any style and still make it sound both good and authentic, while adding in an element of humor and also lore but can keep it completely serious if they want to, and do all of it really well. They have 9 official studio albums out, and were active mostly in the 90's and early 2000's, but there are 4 albums that I think epitomize the best of their music. Chocolate and Cheese, The Mollusk, White Pepper, and Quebec my personal favorite Check these albums out when you get a chance, or if that's too much work just to start getting into them, watch the Live in Chicago concer

New plan everybody write a letter to your representative in the House and sign it with your name and make you title Your. Concerned Constituent in District insert congressional district and mail them as soon as possible to have as many arrive before Inauguration Day petitioning them to push for certain policies. I'm hoping that if enough of us write in at once, they won't be able to ignore us. Also, DO NOT make any threats or condone the incident on January Otherwise, this will not be taken seriously. We must remind them that they are merely our humble representatives, not our rulers. We must always make peaceful efforts to preserve the Republic before resorting to violence memes

Nicol, 25 Just joined I'm not really a woman with a pussy, but I'm a woman with a dick, because I'm a trans woman, so if you do not like what I am, do not write to me and do not waste my time ok and I'm looking for sex right now lol Located in London, Ontario 2 and  Doesn't have kids Occasionally Occasionally memes

Messages Got Inseminated In A Burger King Bathroom Just Off Route 57 I desperately wanted to get pregnant and I needed some free sperm with no drama, no commitment and, definitely, no sex. Joy Wright, Guest Writer AM ET I Updated Aug 29, 2020 memes

Filchie Today at AM Mhm well dont do art or own reddit so something must have gone wrong ille Today at 203 AM No id write You do not have to humble lol Filchie Today at AM Thats not what humble means bille Today at AM Sorry my English bad You posted anime girl she sexy Filchie Today at AM Fucking No didnt wdited Wrong artist bruh, I dont make shit bille Ted at AM You do not need to yell NEW MESSAGES bille Ted at AM You do not make vore art Anime girl memes

Iq of shakespeare Be ALL IMAGES NEWS BOOKS FLIGH Often referred to as England's national poet and the Bard of Avon William Shakespeare had an estimated IQ of 210 and is widely regarded as the greatest English speaking writer and dramatist to have ever lived. Feb 28, 2015 also shakespeare CAPULET Rousreassicy boy. What, you egg  He stabs hiy1 meme

Getting the work load ready for tomorrow and look what my has to do REALLY when is he EVER going to need to 18 wins know how to write in Arabic ffs 9man Numerals  Try this one first Write as Arabic numbers, Copy the sentences changing the numbers to Ov Ov Roman numerals. xvi xxv George 6 was the father of Elizabeth 2 and xxi Xill the brother of Edward 8.  xxi At midnight both hands of the dock pointed to 12, In 2000 the Games of the 27 Olympiad  x were held in Sydney. Ox xx Benedict 16 became Pope in 2005, xxxix xxv Write as Roman numerals.  3 26 30 3 memes

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